Building a WhatsApp Cloud API Chatbot: Enhancing Customer With Engagement

n the age of digitalization companies are always looking for new ways to improve customer satisfaction and simplify their communications channels. One solution is to integrate chatbots in popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. This blog article, we’ll look at the concept of the WhatsApp Cloud API Chatbot and the potential benefits for companies. We will also look at the steps required to set up the WhatsApp Cloud API Chatbot using the EngageFast platform.

What is WhatsApp Cloud API Chatbot?

The WhatsApp Cloud API Chatbot is an automated chatbot that communicates with users via WhatsApp. WhatsApp messaging service. It makes use of the WhatsApp Business API and cloud-based infrastructure to offer businesses an efficient and flexible method of engaging with their clients. With the integration of chatbots into WhatsApp companies can automate various tasks, offer instant customer support, and offer personalised customer experiences.

Benefits of the WhatsApp Cloud API Chatbot

  • Improved Customer Engagement: A WhatsApp Cloud API Chatbot lets businesses interact with their customers live by responding instantly to inquiries and providing personalised suggestions.
  • 24/7 availability Unlike human agents, chatbots are able to work 24/7 to ensure that customers get support and help at any time throughout the week.
  • Scalability with the cloud-based technology used by the WhatsApp Cloud API, businesses can handle large volumes of interactions with customers simultaneously providing an uninterrupted experience for everyone.
  • Cost savings: By automatizing customer support as well as the other routine tasks companies can cut expenses associated with recruiting and training human support agents.

    Set up an WhatsApp Cloud API Chatbot using EngageFast

    To establish an WhatsApp Cloud API Chatbot using EngageFast Follow these steps:

    Sign up on the EngageFast website: Visit the EngageFast website at and sign up for an account. is an extremely powerful platform that comes with an array of features to help you improve your communications strategies. Starting with the dashboard to broadcast messages and Flows to and templates offers a complete range of tools to connect your audience effectively. In this blog we will go over the various features available and provide their advantages.


    1. Dashboard: Centralised Control


    The Dashboard serves as the central platform for managing your campaigns for communication. It has a simple interface that lets you keep track of and manage the various aspects of your communications strategy. Through the Dashboard, you can:

    Get real-time insights and analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

    You can manage your segments of audience and design specific communications.

    Check the status of delivery on your message and perform any necessary actions.

    Create and personalise your communications to create an experience that is unique for your viewers.

WhatsApp Cloud API Chatbot
  1. Broadcast messages: Reach a Broad Audience

Broadcast messages are a great tool to send one-time communications to large audiences. With you are able to easily create and send specific messages to certain groups of your target audience. The main characteristics for broadcast Messages include:

Select from a variety of methods of communication such as the mobile-based push notification.

You can define your audience with predefined segments or your own criteria.

Personalise your messages with placeholders from your profiles of your viewers.

Schedule your broadcasts for optimal delivery.

bulk message whatsapp
  1. Flows Automation of Customer Journeys

Flows allow you to design automated customer journeys that are based on pre-defined triggers and actions. With Flows you can interact with your audience through various points in time and lead them on an individualised communication path. The key features of Flows are:

Determine triggers based upon customer behaviour, their tags, events and subscriptions.

Create multi-channel communication scenarios such as mobile push notifications as well as SMS, email and much more.

Set up failover situations to ensure that messages are delivered even when the primary channel isn’t available.

Automated communication that is based on real-time data from customers.

Chatbot WhatsApp
  1. Templates to ensure consistent communication experience

Templates allow you to design consistent and personalised communications experiences for your customers. With it is possible to create and customise templates for a variety of communication channels. Some of the key advantages included in Templates include:

Design templates that can be reused for push notifications on mobile devices including SMS, email and much more.

Personalise your messages with placeholders from your profiles of your viewers.

Make time efficient by making use of predefined templates or modifying them to meet your individual requirements.

Make sure your brand is consistent across all communication channels.


In the end, offers a comprehensive collection of features to improve your communications strategies. Starting with using the Dashboard to centralise control, to Broadcast Messages and Flows and Templates for automated and targeted communications, empowers you to connect with your customers effectively. If you’re sending broadcasts that are one-time or designing automatic customer-centric journeys, gives you the capabilities you require to create powerful messages and increase engagement.

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