How to Apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

As WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps, businesses of all sizes can benefit from using it for marketing purposes. The green tick next to your WhatsApp display name symbolises trust and authenticity for your brand.


Here’s how a green tick badge appears on your WhatsApp Account.


WhatsApp Green Tick Verification Badge

In this article, you will discover how to obtain a green tick badge next to your WhatsApp display name and understand the advantages it can bring to your business. 


First, let’s understand what a WhatsApp green tick badge is and figure out whether you need it.


What is a WhatsApp Green Tick Badge?

The green tick badge on WhatsApp allows users to identify official brand accounts on the platform quickly. It signifies that it’s a WhatsApp-verified account and belongs to the company it claims to be.


WhatsApp Green Tick Badge in official business account

With this badge, users can be confident that they’re communicating with a genuine brand, not a fake one. This feature not only increases the authenticity of your account but also contributes to building trust and reputation for the brand. 


WhatsApp takes verification and validation of business accounts seriously to safeguard its users from spam and fake accounts.


Now that you know about the WhatsApp green tick badge, let’s look at how to get started with the verification process.


Difference Between a Regular Business Account and an Official Business Account

Regular WhatsApp Business Account

For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses: Regular WhatsApp Business accounts are designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and sole proprietors. They are suitable for businesses looking to have a presence on WhatsApp to communicate with customers.


Features: Regular WhatsApp Business accounts provide essential business communication features such as a business profile, messaging templates, quick replies, labels for organising chats, and automated messaging.


Verification: Regular WhatsApp Business accounts can apply for verification, but verification is not guaranteed and is subject to WhatsApp’s criteria. Verified accounts may receive a verification badge, adding credibility to their profile.


Limited Scale: Regular accounts are typically used for one-on-one customer interactions and are suitable for businesses with relatively low messaging volumes.


API Access: While regular accounts can use the WhatsApp Business app, they may need access to the WhatsApp Business API, which is often used for more advanced and automated messaging.


Official WhatsApp Business Account

For Large Enterprises and Brands: Official WhatsApp Business accounts are intended for larger enterprises, brands, and organisations with a significant customer base and high messaging volumes. These accounts are designed for businesses that need to scale their customer communication.


Features: Official WhatsApp Business accounts come with advanced features like the WhatsApp Business API, which allows for automation, integration with external systems, and the ability to send notifications and transactional messages.


Verification: Official WhatsApp Business accounts are typically verified by default, and they often have a green verification badge indicating their official status. This badge adds credibility and trust.


Scale: These accounts are suitable for businesses that need to handle a high volume of customer inquiries and transactions efficiently.


API Access: Official accounts have access to the WhatsApp Business API, making it possible to integrate WhatsApp with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, chatbots, and other tools for streamlined customer support and engagement.

Pros and Cons of a WhatsApp Green Tick Badge Application


Credibility and Trust: A WhatsApp-verified badge adds credibility and trustworthiness to your business profile. Users are likelier to trust and engage with verified accounts, knowing they interact with an authentic and recognised business.


Increased Visibility: Verified businesses may appear more prominently in WhatsApp search results. Increased visibility can help attract more customers and potential clients to your business.


Direct Communication: Verified businesses have access to the WhatsApp Business API, which enables them to send automated messages, notifications, and other important information to their customers. This can improve customer service and engagement.


Customisation: You can set up a comprehensive business profile with important information such as your address, business hours, and a description. This allows customers to get a better understanding of your business.


Access to WhatsApp Business Tools: Verified businesses can access WhatsApp Business tools and features designed to streamline customer communication. These tools include messaging templates, quick replies, labels for organizing chats, and more.



Application Process: The application process for a WhatsApp verified badge can be stringent, and there is no approval guarantee. If your application is rejected, it can be frustrating and time-consuming to reapply.


Compliance Requirements: To maintain your verified status, you must adhere to WhatsApp’s Business Policy and Commerce Policy. Failure to comply with these policies can result in the revocation of your verified badge.


Higher Expectations: Users may have higher expectations of verified businesses in terms of response times and the quality of customer service. Meeting these expectations can be challenging, especially for smaller businesses.


Costs: Some businesses may incur costs associated with using the WhatsApp Business API and other advanced features, often available to verified accounts. These costs can add up, depending on your usage.


Potential for Misuse: While the verification badge helps prevent impersonation, some users might assume that any verified account is trustworthy. This can make verified accounts a target for scammers, so businesses must be vigilant in maintaining security.


How to Apply for a WhatsApp Green Tick Badge?

Here are the procedures to follow before you even get started with the process of applying for a WhatsApp green tick badge.


Sign up for WhatsApp API Access

You must first register for the WhatsApp Business API and set up a business account through a Business Solution Provider (BSP) like EngageFast. This will allow you to begin utilising WhatsApp for your business needs.


However, it is essential to note that the green tick badge is not available on the free WhatsApp business app.


Once you’ve received your WhatsApp API access, before moving to the next step, send out WhatsApp Campaigns as soon as possible. 


To increase the chance of getting a WhatsApp green tick badge, reach a minimum of 1,000 people daily through business-initiated messages. Through these messages, you will demonstrate to WhatsApp that you are actively and seriously utilising the platform for your business efforts. We also recommended that you reach Tier 2 or higher messaging levels.


How to Reach Tier 2 or Higher Messaging Levels?

To reach tier 2 messaging levels and increase your chances of getting a WhatsApp-verified badge, you need to demonstrate to WhatsApp that your business is actively engaging with customers and providing a high level of service. Here are some steps to help you achieve this:


Regularly Respond to Customer Inquiries

Promptly respond to customer messages on WhatsApp. Consistently addressing customer inquiries and providing helpful responses is essential to achieving higher messaging levels.


Maintain High Response Rates

Maintain a high response rate by responding to customer messages within the specified time frame. Consistently reacting quickly to customer inquiries is critical in reaching tier 2.


Use Quick Replies

WhatsApp Business allows you to create and use quick replies, which are pre-written responses to common customer questions. This can help you respond faster and maintain a high response rate.


Organize and Label Chats

Use labels to categorise and organize your customer chats. This can help you manage your conversations more efficiently and ensure no inquiries are overlooked.


Avoid Blockages

Avoid being blocked by WhatsApp for spammy behaviour. Ensure that your messaging practices are compliant with WhatsApp’s policies and guidelines. Sending unsolicited messages or excessive promotional content can result in restrictions.


Encourage Customer Engagement

Encourage customers to engage with your business on WhatsApp by promoting it on your website, social media, and other marketing channels. Offer incentives or exclusive content to those who join your WhatsApp contact list.


Utilize WhatsApp Business Tools

Take advantage of WhatsApp Business tools such as messaging templates for standardised messages like order confirmations and shipping updates. These tools can help streamline communication.


Monitor Analytics

Use WhatsApp Business Insights to monitor your messaging performance. Analyse response times, message volume, and customer feedback to identify areas for improvement.


Train Your Team

If you have a team managing WhatsApp communications, ensure they are trained and equipped to provide excellent customer service. Consistency in service quality is important.


Collect Customer Feedback

Encourage customers to provide feedback on their WhatsApp interactions. Positive feedback can reflect well on your business, while constructive feedback can help you improve.


Stay Compliant

Continuously ensure that your messaging practices align with WhatsApp’s Business Policy and Commerce Policy. Compliance is crucial for maintaining a good standing with WhatsApp.


Set Realistic Expectations

Be transparent with customers about response times and the types of inquiries you can assist with on WhatsApp. Managing customer expectations can help maintain a high level of satisfaction.


Reaching tier 2 messaging levels on WhatsApp requires dedication, consistency, and a commitment to providing excellent customer service. Remember that it may take time to achieve these levels, so be patient and focus on continuous improvement in your messaging practices. Once you reach tier 2, consider applying for a WhatsApp-verified badge to enhance your business’s credibility on the platform.


Check your messaging limits in the WhatsApp Manager > Overview Dashboard > Insights tab. The panel below will only show your current limit if your messaging limit has increased from the default limit of 250.


Increase message limit to get green tick verification badge

Verify your Business on Meta Business Manager

If you aren’t aware, Facebook Business Manager is now Meta Business Manager. So, there’s no need to get confused when encountering a Facebook/META business manager. Both are the same thing. 🙂


Verifying your Facebook Business Manager account through Meta Business Manager is to ensure that the account belongs to a reputable organisation. To be eligible for verification, your business must be legally registered with local authorities and have a valid phone number and physical address.


Here’s a video from one of our EngageFast experts on how to complete your META business manager verification.

Build Brand Value

Only some businesses out there can get its WhatsApp green tick badge. This is because meta recognises a frequently searched-for company as a notable or prominent brand or entity.


Therefore, to increase the chance of being recognised as an official business account, having 3-5 media coverage links from reputable news outlets or magazines is beneficial. It’s important to note that Meta doesn’t consider paid or promotional content valid evaluation sources. Meta also gives green tick badges only for businesses and not for individuals or influencers.


Enable 2-step Verification

You must enable a 2-step verification process to provide additional security to your WhatsApp Business API account. This feature requires registration of your phone number on WhatsApp to be accompanied by a unique six-digit PIN that you create, adding an extra layer of protection. Here’s a detailed article by Facebook on this topic.


To summarise, here are the things you need to prepare before applying for a green tick verification.

WhatsApp Green Tick

WhatsApp Green Tick Verification

Now, let’s move on to the next part of the article.


Ways to Apply for a WhatsApp Green Tick Badge

You can either apply for a WhatsApp green tick verification on your META Business Manager or with the help of a Business Service Provider (BSPs) like EngageFast.


 Meta Business Manager

In your META Business Manager, go to Business Settings -> WhatsApp Accounts -> WhatsApp Manager.

Under Account tools, select ‘phone number’.

On the next page, you’ll find your WhatsApp account details. Click the ‘Settings’ icon to proceed.

Click ‘Profile’, fill in all the details and click the ‘Submit Request’ button.

Once the request is submitted, you can see that your request is in review status.

If you apply for a green tick independently, it usually takes 2-4 business days to know if your application was accepted.


Business Service Provider

Suppose you are currently utilising WhatsApp Business API or On-premises API. In that case, you can obtain assistance with the application process from a Business Solution Provider (BSP). However, it’s worth noting that BSPs typically charge businesses for this service. 


The procedure for WhatsApp Business verification may vary depending on the WhatsApp Partner. So, contact your BSP for information on the application process and any associated fees.


Here’s a video on how the WhatsApp Green Tick process works with EngageFast.


Based on your Business Solution Provider (BSP), they may either submit an application for an Official Business Account on your behalf or provide instructions on how to do it independently through their dashboards. If the BSP applies on your behalf, the process from application to approval can take up to three weeks.


It’s important to note that the decision to award the green badge to a business is made solely by META. 


The responsibility of the WhatsApp Business API provider/vendor is to submit the business’s green tick application to META. So, they are only responsible if your application gets accepted.


What if Your Application Gets Rejected?

You can reapply for green tick badge verification after 30 days if your application gets denied. However, META suggests that businesses take the time to establish their presence in news articles before reapplying.


Here’s What You Can Do

Review Rejection Reason

WhatsApp typically provides a reason for the rejection in their communication to you. Reviewing the rejection message carefully is essential to understand why your application was not approved. This information will be crucial in addressing the issue.


Correct Issues

Once you have identified the reason for rejection, take steps to correct any issues or discrepancies. This may involve updating your business information, ensuring compliance with WhatsApp’s policies and guidelines, or resolving technical or operational problems.


Increase Media Coverage

Expanding your brand’s media coverage through organic articles can help establish your business’s credibility. Positive coverage can also demonstrate to WhatsApp that your business is legitimate and noteworthy.


Initiate More WhatsApp Conversations

Engaging in more WhatsApp conversations and reaching a tier 2 or above messaging level can demonstrate to WhatsApp that your business is active and responsive on the platform. This can be a positive factor when reapplying for verification.


Add WhatsApp Widget

Enhance your online presence by adding a WhatsApp widget to your website. This makes it easy for website visitors to initiate conversations with your business directly through WhatsApp. Additionally, include WhatsApp links on your social media handles to encourage interaction with your audience.


Contact WhatsApp Support

If you believe your application was rejected in error or need further clarification on the rejection reason, consider contacting WhatsApp’s support team. They can provide additional guidance on how to proceed or offer assistance in resolving any issues.


Ensure Compliance

Ensure that your business and communication practices comply with WhatsApp’s Business Policy and Commerce Policy. WhatsApp has specific guidelines for businesses, and compliance is essential for verification.


Improve Your Business Profile

Enhance your business profile on WhatsApp with accurate and detailed information. This includes providing a complete business description, contact information, business hours, and a professional profile picture.


Wait and Reapply

Depending on the nature of the rejection, you may need to wait for a certain period before reapplying for verification. WhatsApp might specify a waiting period in their rejection message. During this time, focus on improving your business practices and profile.


Seek Professional Help

If you’re facing challenges in the verification process, consider seeking assistance from professionals or consultants specialising in WhatsApp Business verification and compliance. They can offer guidance and support in navigating the process.


Stay Informed

Keep yourself updated with WhatsApp’s policies and guidelines, as they may change over time. Ensure that your business practices and communications continue to align with WhatsApp’s requirements.


Businesses That Can’t Apply for Green Tick Verification

WhatsApp disallows specific business categories for WhatsApp API and, hence for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification. Businesses dealing in the following products/services cannot get approval for using WhatsApp Business APIs:



Tobacco Items

Gambling Businesses

Alcohol Brands

Weapons & Ammunition Businesses

Live Animals

Adult Product/Services

Medical & Healthcare Products

Dating Services


You can refer to WhatsApp’s Commerce Policy for the complete list and updated details about the prohibited category of products and services.


Benefits of a WhatsApp Green Tick Badge:

A green tick badge indicates that your brand is genuine, one-of-a-kind, and trustworthy.


Credibility and Trustworthiness: A verification badge adds a layer of credibility to a WhatsApp Business account. It signals to users that the account is authentic and officially verified by WhatsApp. This can help users trust the information and communication from the business.


Enhanced Visibility: Verified business accounts may appear more prominently in search results when users look for businesses on WhatsApp. Increased visibility can help businesses attract more customers and potential clients.


Direct Communication: Verified business accounts can use WhatsApp Business API, which allows them to send automated messages, notifications, and other helpful information to their customers. This can improve customer service and engagement.


Customization: WhatsApp Business accounts with verification badges can set up a business profile with essential information such as address, business hours, and a description. This allows customers to get a better understanding of the business.


WhatsApp Business Tools: Verified businesses can access WhatsApp Business tools and features designed to streamline customer communication. These tools include messaging templates, quick replies, labels for organising chats, and more.


Official Presence: The verification badge distinguishes the business as an official WhatsApp presence. It helps prevent impersonation and fraud by clarifying which accounts are legitimate businesses.


WhatsApp Business API: With verification, businesses may have access to the WhatsApp Business API, which enables integration with external systems and services, making it easier to manage customer interactions at scale.


Using WhatsApp APIs Without Green Tick

Not having a Green Tick on your account does not limit you from using WhatsApp Business APIs. You can continue to use WhatsApp Business APIs without a Green Tick. You will have access to WhatsApp API features like


  1. Broadcasting marketing campaigns & promotional messages on WhatsApp.
  1. How to Run Click-to-WhatsApp Ads
  1. Scheduling WhatsApp messages at scale

The WhatsApp Green Tick Verification can make your brand look more trustworthy and put you in a group of successful businesses. So, now that we’ve gone through all the steps involved let’s hope you can get your business WhatsApp Green Tick verified to start moving up.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

WhatsApp Green Tick Verification is a process by which WhatsApp verifies the authenticity of a business account on the platform. It involves adding a green verification badge to your business profile, signifying that your account is genuine.


  1. Why should I apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

Obtaining the WhatsApp Green Tick Verification badge enhances your business’s credibility and trustworthiness. It helps customers identify your business as an authentic and verified presence on WhatsApp.


  1. How do I apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

To apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification, you need to have a WhatsApp Business account and follow these steps:


Ensure your business meets WhatsApp’s eligibility criteria.

Open the WhatsApp Business app.

Go to Settings > Business settings > Verify Business.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the verification process.

  1. What are WhatsApp’s eligibility criteria for Green Tick Verification?

WhatsApp’s eligibility criteria for Green Tick Verification may include having a complete business profile, adhering to its policies, and demonstrating an active and legitimate business presence on the platform.


  1. How long does it take to get verified on WhatsApp?

The time it takes to get verified on WhatsApp can vary. WhatsApp will review your application, and the verification process may take several weeks. Be patient and ensure that your business profile meets all requirements.


  1. What documents are required for verification?

WhatsApp may require documents such as a business license, proof of address, and other relevant documentation to verify your business. The specific documents needed can vary by region and business type.


  1. What happens if my application is rejected?

If your application for Green Tick Verification is rejected, you will receive a notification from WhatsApp with the reason for the rejection. You can address the issues and reapply for verification.


  1. Is there a fee for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, WhatsApp did not charge a fee for Green Tick Verification. However, there may be costs associated with using certain WhatsApp Business features.


  1. Can I use a personal WhatsApp account for business purposes?

No, it’s recommended to use a dedicated WhatsApp Business account for business purposes. Using a personal account for business may result in limitations and non-compliance with WhatsApp’s policies.


  1. How can I improve my chances of getting verified on WhatsApp?

To improve your chances of getting verified, ensure your business profile is complete, engage actively with customers, adhere to WhatsApp’s policies, and provide excellent customer service.

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